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Tuesday, Dec. 5
The Indiana Daily Student


All-way stop installed at East 7th Street, North Dunn Street intersection


The intersection of East Seventh Street and North Dunn Street will be an all-way stop starting Wednesday, according to a City of Bloomington press release.  

Andrew Cibor, city engineer, ordered the all-way stop control because of an increase in vehicle collisions at the intersection, according to his 180-day order.  

According to Cibor’s staff report to the Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Commission and Traffic Commission, there was one reported collision in 2019 and 12 reported collisions in 2022 that were related to the intersection. 

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The all-way stop at the intersection was removed in fall 2021. The control was removed in coordination with the 7-Line project. The 7-Line is a protected bicycle lane that connects the B-Line, downtown Bloomington, IU’s campus and surrounding neighborhoods. The 7-Line project was approved in 2018. On May 10, the City Council will determine any permanent stop sign changes. 

The change was requested by the Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Commission, Traffic Commission and other community members, according to Cibor’s order. 

“In order to reduce crash risk at this intersection, it will be converted back to all-way stop control,” the order said. 

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