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Wednesday, May 22
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IU Student Government executive, legislative branch voting opens Tuesday morning


Voting for IU Student Government student body president, vice president, and some congressional representatives will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will receive an email from the IU Division of Student Affairs with a link to cast their ballots for their preferred executive and congressional candidates as well as vote on two constitutional amendments.  

Voting will start at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday and end at 10:00 p.m. Wednesday. The results will be announced March 11-13, according to the IUSG Campaign Guide of Spring 2023. 

There are four tickets for the executive election. The Diversity, Advocacy, Retention and Engagement ticket includes presidential candidate junior Joa’Quinn Griffin and vice-presidential candidate junior Jayana Hammonds. Sophomore Brink Wolak and sophomore Megan Flynn are the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for Excel IU. Revive for IU ticket includes presidential candidate junior Lillian Rodgers and vice-presidential candidate junior Aiden Chism. Sophomore Aaliyah Raji is the presidential candidate for the IGNITE ticket, and junior Marsha Koda is the vice-presidential candidate.  

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Students will also elect 31 representatives from IUSG Congress’s academic-based districts who will serve for one year starting in April, according to the IUSG Campaign Guide. The 31 residential-based seats will be up for election in the fall, and their terms last one year starting in October, according to the IUSG Campaign Guide of Spring 2023. 

IU students can also vote on two IUSG constitutional amendments regarding multicultural seats.  

The first, Congress Enrolled Constitution Resolution No. 2, which was approved by Congress on Jan. 9, would eliminate the required minimum number of multicultural seats in Congress, change when multicultural organizations can apply for a congressional seat and eliminate the concept of congressional legitimacy. The second amendment, Congress Enrolled Constitution Resolution No. 3, would clarify when appointments to replace vacant congressional seats expire.  

Currently, the IUSG Constitution requires Congress to have a minimum of 31 seats for members of multicultural student organizations. If there are less than 15 seated members of Congress or if the number of multicultural organizations admitted to Congress is less than half of the total number of scholastic representatives, Congress is considered illegitimate, according to the current Constitution.  

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