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Saturday, May 25
The Indiana Daily Student


Multiple cyclists injured in crash during collegiate bike race Saturday


Multiple cyclists were injured in a crash Saturday during the 2023 Candy Stripe Classic, a bike race for collegiate teams, a race participant said. 

The bike race, sponsored by Bloomington Velo and Cycling Club at Indiana University, was held in Morgan-Monroe State Forest. 

A bike crash occurred at the beginning of the Men’s D category race and caused multiple injuries, IU student Colten Seiler, who participated in the race, said. There were 60 people, mostly IU and Purdue University students, registered for that category to compete in the 28-mile race

IU sophomore Bailey Wilson was one of a few cyclists brought to IU Health Bloomington Hospital following the crash. He said about two miles into the Men’s D race, a student braked suddenly, causing his teammate to fall over. Wilson said he then fell on top of him and rolled forward onto the ground. Five people crashed, Wilson said. 

“I landed mostly on my left shoulder,” he said. “Right away I didn’t really feel anything because of all the adrenaline. I didn’t even think anything was wrong.” 

Wilson said he was discharged four hours after arriving at the hospital Saturday night with a broken collarbone; the doctors said it will take weeks to fully recover. Friends and family came to visit soon after the crash, Wilson said.  

“I’m going to do everything I can to get back as quickly as possible,” Wilson said. “I don’t know if mentally I’ll be wanting to race like that again.” 

Wilson is part of the Delta Sigma Pi Little 500 team. He said his coach, Aaron Prange, is the president of Bloomington Velo, one of the organizations that hosted the race. While members of Little 500 teams participated in the race, the Candy Stripe Classic is not affiliated with the Little 500. 

The Bloomington Velo and Cycling Club at IU could not be reached for comment by the IDS.  

CLARIFICATION: The photo has been updated to better reflect the nature of the event.

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