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Monday, Dec. 4
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COLUMN: Alix Earle: the ‘it’ girl of TikTok, college life


Alix Earle has taken TikTok by a storm over the past year with her relatable “get ready with me” videos. As of March 5, she has 4.7 million followers and 228.8 million views on the app. Earle is a senior at the University of Miami and shows her followers how she gets ready to go to nightclubs, class, vacations and more. 

I believe her audience enjoys watching her content because she has a refreshing voice that differs from many TikTok stars who put on a face. Earle is honest and shares with her followers many details of her life — like her Accutane journey — and has helped many others who face acne problems by showing it can happen to anyone.  

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Earle seems like a normal girl. She is quite transparent with her followers; she talks about breakups and struggling with big papers — things any college student can relate to.  

She somehow balances her school life and social life, but many find it hard to believe. In the comments of her videos on TikTok, many like to joke about how Earle is always on the go and question how she does it all.  

Earle also likes to joke about her schoolwork on her TikTok, and many get very invested in her work as well. For example, she once mentioned how she had a 25-page paper to write for her class but was getting ready to go out. Her followers were so concerned they commented on her videos and made their own TikTok videos about this paper. Finally, she made a TikTok of herself in the library with the words on the screen saying, “In the library, writing my 25-page paper because the whole internet is bullying me to stop procrastination,” in a joking manner.  

With her balancing her school life and personal life, I believe what really helps is how much she loves her school. Because she loves her school so much, she works hard to be there. She constantly talks about how much she loves the University of Miami and how sad she’ll be to leave in her videos.  

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Her likeability is also due to her wanting to give back — like donating her makeup products or any leftover PR gifts she gets — to a nonprofit organization called “Gray for Glioblastoma Society”. This organization raises money and awareness about glioblastoma, a form of cancer.  With Earle giving awareness to this nonprofit, other popular TikTokers have donated as well — like Remi Bader.  

Earle shows her genuineness and it doesn’t go unnoticed. She shows her bubbly self with a fun group of friends that also likes to go out and have fun together. She is very relatable with her feelings and is true to herself, which many like to follow and live through. 


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