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Wednesday, Nov. 29
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UPDATE: Monroe County Health Department working to reopen closed Bloomington Subways


Nearly all Subway shops in Bloomington are closed due to operating without a proper license for the retail sale of food, according to a Monroe County Health Department notice on Jan. 30. The notice said the shops were under the operation of SUBIN LLC.  

“The health department and the restaurant’s owners are working diligently to complete the required paperwork and inspections to bring them into compliance with local and state codes so that they can be reopened,” the Monroe County Health Department said in a press release.  

The nine shops listed in the notice are below: 

319 Winslow Road 

4623 Richland Plaza 

1350 W. Bloomfield Road 

4001 Old State Road 37 

2886 Third St. 

1799 E. 10th St. 

907 S. College Mall Road 

1839 N. Kinser Pike  

3480 W. Third St. 

The only Bloomington location not affected is the Subway located in Walmart. 

According to the notice, a license will not be issued until the establishment complies with state and local laws and the past year’s license is paid in full.  

The health department website says food licenses expire annually at the end of February and that renewal invoices are sent in January.  

This story is developing, and the IDS will update as more information becomes available.  

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