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Friday, May 17
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Bloomington rapper Braydon Elgar stars on HBO Max’s ‘FBOY Island’


Born and raised in Bloomington, Braydon “Brayke'' Elgar is a 22-year-old American rapper. Elgar previously attended Bloomington High School North, and he now has over 19,000 followers on Instagram and 22,000 followers on TikTok.  

In 2021, a producer reached out to Elgar on social media giving him the opportunity to star on season two of HBO Max’s reality dating show “FBOY Island.”  

“FBOY Island” is hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The series focuses on three women trying to identify 24 men as either “womanizers” who are just there to have a good time or “nice guys” who are seeking a serious relationship. 

“I initially didn’t think it was real,” Elgar said. “Once I realized it was true, I decided to go through the application process. They wanted me to be a musician and SoundCloud rapper. I knew this would be a good opportunity for my music, and I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone.” 

Upon his arrival at the mansion where all the cast members live and film, Elgar said he was the most nervous he had ever been. Sitting in the mansion bathroom, Elgar contemplated leaving the show.  

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“I went to the very top floor of the mansion, and I looked for a way to escape,” Elgar said. “I wanted to leave so badly because I felt so uncomfortable; I had a mic on me the entire day no matter what. After a week, I started to get much more comfortable and used to it.” 

Throughout the season, Elgar used his role to amplify his career. Most of Elgar's music comes from his past experiences of heartbreak. He uses those experiences to spark ideas in order to create his music.  

“I went through a really big break up freshman year of high school,” Elgar said. “That sparked me because I wanted to prove her, and everyone, wrong. My biggest inspiration is my past relationships and how those hardships have helped me now.” 

Although he was eliminated before the finale, when the women found out that he was not there for a relationship, Elgar said the process was a good opportunity for him.  

“The way cameras and mics were all around me, it was so weird,” Elgar said. “The show was pretty much all real, with very little parts scripted. The entire process was really eye opening to see the way reality television works.”  

His music can be streamed on Spotify or SoundCloud.  

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