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Monday, May 27
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COLUMN: Three albums to listen to as the weather gets colder


On Nov. 6, our clocks will shift backward one hour due to daylight saving time’s ending, and the sun will start to set at around 5 p.m. in the afternoon. This means many students at IU will be getting out of class after sunset — an unconscionable thought to a freshman like me. The weather will get much colder very soon, and walks around campus will turn extremely brisk.

In preparation for the season, I’ve compiled three albums I think will be great to listen to.. They are primarily calm and a little melancholy — just like the season. I’ve also product-tested studying with each of these albums  to make sure they work during crunch time for finals season.

Collections 01” by Teebs

“Collections 01” by beat music producer Teebs is one of the most cool albums I’ve ever listened to. Taking the listener through layers of synths, harps and amazing percussion, Teebs has crafted a masterpiece to listen to while walking and studying. As a fully instrumental album, I found listening to “Collections 01” perfect for reading.

My favorite songs on the album are “While You Dooooo (Extended)” and “Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent.” “While You Dooooo (Extended)” is an extremely beautiful track featuring a mildly Soca-inspired beat. Its harmonies can help one see the beauty in anything — even winter’s cold mornings and long nights. “Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent” is a more energetic track, featuring an awesome vocal sample over mildly-jazzy chords, and again utilizing awesome percussion. Every song on this album is beautiful in its own way and can help alleviate some negative emotions winter can bring.

Melt My Eyez See Your Future" by Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry has been releasing fantastic music consistently but took a major step forward in hip-hop with his latest album, “Melt My Eyez See Your Future.” The album has outstanding production, great lyrics and a perfect atmosphere for either relaxing or getting things done. Although a very lyrical album, I found studying to this album completely fine due to its perfect rhythm between relaxed and energetic songs. It allowed me to type 500-word assignments in the blink of an eye and read my textbooks easily.

My personal favorite songs on this album are “Walkin” and “The Last.” “Walkin” has the perfect mix between energetic sections and calmer refrains. Like its title, it also is a perfect song for walks around campus. “The Last” is a very icy song, with great pacing for studying and easy listening, as well as terrific lyrics.

Em Concerto” by Gilberto Gil

“Em Concerto (In Concert)” by Gilberto Gil, a giant of the Brazilian pop-genre Música Popular Brasileira, is one of the most unexpectedly great albums to listen to during winter. One doesn’t need to understand Portuguese to groove to this album. “Em Concerto” is a heartwarming live performance of some of Gilberto Gil’s best songs, perfect for cold days reading, studying or just chilling out. 

My favorite songs on this album are “Filhos de Ghandi” and the live version of Gil’s hit song “Palco.” “Filhos de Ghandi” is a longer track that combines a hype crowd with a calm acoustic performance from Gil, perfect for mindlessly walking or studying. “Palco” is an awesome, heartwarming and energetic track.

Winter presents various challenges to those who enjoy warmer weather and daylight. These albums have helped me thus far, and I hope they can help make cramming for finals, brisk walks and getting out of class after sunset for you just a little bit easier.

Andrew Miller (he/him) is a freshman studying journalism and history.

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