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Tuesday, April 16
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Sustainable cleaning tips for college students 


Trying to be sustainably clean in your home can be difficult, but here are some tips and tricks to help. 

How to deal with pests and bugs 

Pests and bugs are usually never something people want to deal with inside their house. There are eco-friendly alternatives though to help keep them out of the house and out of harm. 

Planting – Herbs like mint and basil can help deter bugs while also doubling as something to use in the kitchen. 

Seasoning windowsills - Certain types of seasoning like cinnamon and paprika are known to be off-putting to bugs and pests. Just sprinkling some seasoning in a line along the windowsill will help keep them away.  

Kitchen sustainability 

Many students in college are unsure what products are the best for kitchen sustainability. Instead of constantly buying single-use products, buying products that can be reused will save time and money.  

Reusable products – Mason jars or glass containers can be reused to store leftover food and most of them can go in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and even the oven. Using a YETI or other type of reusable tumbler can help avoid using so many plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups.  

Laundry tips and tricks 

Doing laundry is not everyone’s favorite activity. If it were easier and more efficient, less people would feel that way and not think of it as such a chore.  

Find a routine - You are more likely to do your laundry when it is a part of your schedule. It will make it easier to remember and help you not fall behind on doing laundry. 

Eco-friendly detergent – if you prefer liquid laundry detergent, then you should get plastic-free and compostable bottles. If you are getting plastic containers, at least make sure the plastic is recyclable. 

Check lint traps – You should clean out your dryer’s lint trap after every load of laundry. If you do not clean it out, it will prevent the dryer from exhausting hot air, causing the dryer to overheat. Your laundry will also dry faster and come out cleaner if the lint trap is clean.  

What to do while you wait – If you are doing multiple loads of laundry, try putting away loads in between cycles to keep yourself busy. Doing dishes or vacuuming, watching a tv show or cooking can also keep you busy and help you stay productive while you wait for your load to be done. 

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