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Thursday, May 23
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Local band Matixando to play in People’s Park concert series June 16


Local band Matixando will perform at 4:30 p.m. June 16 at People’s Park. They will play their original music, which combines reggae, rock and Latin styles. 

The show will be free and open to the public as part of People’s Park concert series.

The band is currently based in Bloomington, but they have played all over Central America, Mexico and the United States. David Dávila González, founder and leader of the band, first formed the group in 2011 in Costa Rica.

Unlike a typical band, González is the only consistent member of Matixando. He said they typically perform with six to ten people, but the members have varied wildly over the years as they’ve moved from place to place.

“Sometimes students are part of the project, but eventually people graduate and then we have new entrants in the band,” González said.

He said that he attends open mics and jam sessions around town, meeting people and trying out new material. If he meets musicians who enjoy Matixando’s sound, he might invite them to perform with the group, he said.

“There’s not many bands like Matixando in Bloomington,” González said. "It’s pretty unique. I really enjoy sharing the music with different people.”

The shifting nature of the band, as well as González’s travels, have caused their sound to take on a number of different influences, from reggae to funk to Latino. They play entirely original work, with music and lyrics written by González.

Although most of Matixando’s songs are in Spanish, González emphasizes that their influences come from all over.

“It’s in Spanish, but it’s not like the most popular Hispanic music,” González said. “It’s a fusion of different kinds of musical styles.” 

Matixando currently has three albums available, all of which can be found on their website.

Matixando is no stranger to Bloomington’s outdoor concert series. González said he’s been playing concerts with the city of Bloomington for four years, and this will be their second straight appearance in the People’s Park series. They’ve also performed in Bloomington’s Lotus Festival, the Black y Brown Festival and the Festival Latino.

With their influences in funk and Latino music, González said that Matixando’s music often invites dancing.

“Of course, when I see someone dancing I think ‘We are doing something really good right now,’” González said.

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