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Friday, May 17
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RA applications are open and due Dec. 1


Resident assistant applications are due at 11:59 on Wednesday. Resident assistants are meant to be a resource for students living in residence halls, as well as someone to report incidents when rules are not followed.

One requirement of the application process is attending an information session, the last of which is a virtual one at 8 p.m Monday. The link can be found under employment on the Residential Programs and Services website.

“Before we even get selected and go through the interview process, we actually have to take a class,” Briscoe Quad resident assistant Ana Gaston said.

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Prospective resident assistants must also enroll in a leadership class during the spring semester.

The class is EU-450 and goes over concepts, such as equity community, social development theories and how to be a role model in the community.

Resident assistant applicants can’t have a substantial conduct record or any outstanding or past due bills with the Office of the Bursar, according to Residential Programs and Services. They also have to have and maintain a GPA of at least 2.5.

Gaston said applicants should consider the time they must put in as a resident assistant if accepted. “Being an RA is a huge time commitment,” Gaston said. 

Resident assistants have to be available to students whenever they are in their room, Gaston said. They also have other responsibilities such as working regularly at the residence hall front desks.

Resident assistants receive a single room, a meal plan and a $2000 stipend paid biweekly. However, this is only if all conditions are met.

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