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Tuesday, June 18
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Live Updates: Indiana football plays Minnesota in final home game of season


Fourth Quarter

TOUCHDOWN: Minnesota's third rushing touchdown of the day is from three-yards out. The Gophers' drive took over four minutes off the clock. Minnesota 35, Indiana 7.

10:37: That's the third straight punt between the two teams. Indiana ball at its 17-yard line.

12:56: Indiana returns the favor, punting back to Minnesota without gaining a yard.

14:02: Minnesota punts on fourth down to start the quarter. Indiana gets the ball at its nine-yard line.

Third Quarter

INTERCEPTION: Minnesota picks off McCulley on a throw that was aired out. McCulley has three completions and two interceptions today.

TOUCHDOWN: Minnesota adds another touchdown that's confirmed upon review. McFadden's tackle was reviewed for targeting, but he was only assessed a roughing the passer penalty. Minnesota 28, Indiana 7.

6:47: Indiana goes three-and-out. Minnesota ball near midfield.

8:45: The Gophers punt and down the ball at Indiana's two-yard line. The Hoosiers will have a long field in order to score this drive.

11:22: After getting the ball back on a punt, Minnesota begins its drive with a 22-yard run. Thomas and the run game have been picking up for the Gophers.

Indiana gets the ball at the beginning of the half after deferring the coin flip.

HALFTIME: Indiana is being outgained 236-96, including 169-4 since the first drives for each team.

Second Quarter

TOUCHDOWN: It took 21 seconds for Minnesota to score its second touchdown in a minute. The incompletion was overturned as a 14-yard catch. Minnesota 21, Indiana 7.

INTERCEPTION: McCulley throws directly into three Minnesota defenders and the ball is picked off. Minnesota has 30 seconds left in the half with the ball at Indiana's 31.

TOUCHDOWN: Thomas finds the end zone again, this time on a one-yard rush. Minnesota scores twice in just over 5 minutes. Minnesota 14, Indiana 7.

Tanner Morgan finds his tight end wide open for a 48-yard pass play to enter Indiana's red zone.

4:30: Indiana goes three and out once again, punting the ball back to Minnesota.

TOUCHDOWN: Two-yard rush from Ky Thomas to cap off a long drive. The drive 12 plays for 68 yards, including 9 rushes. Minnesota 7, Indiana 7.

Minnesota converts the fourth down attempt.

Minnesota falls a few inches short of converting a third down.

12:31: Indiana goes three-and-out in response and punts back to Minnesota. It starts its drive at the 32-yard line.

14:10: Indiana forces another third down stop and Minnesota punts. Indiana gets the ball at its own 22 to start its second offensive drive.

First Quarter

:00: Minnesota rushes once to end the first quarter.

TOUCHDOWN: McCulley drops the snap before picking it up and scoring on a rush up the middle. Indiana went 14 plays and 92 yards despite only throwing the ball one time. McCulley himself ran for 53 yards. Indiana 7, Minnesota 0.

Indiana goes eight plays on the drive before its first pass. McCulley has four rushes for 37 yards, including a long of 19,

6:41: Indiana stops the run on fourth and one, forcing a turnover on downs in the red zone. The Hoosiers take the ball over at their own eight-yard line in a scoreless game.

Indiana misses a few tackles on third and seven and Minnesota is able to convert for the third time.

Minnesota converts a second first down on the ground to extend its drive. Both have been third-down conversions.

Kickoff: Indiana kicks the ball out of the end zone for a touchback. Minnesota takes over at its own 25-yard line.

Indiana wins the toss and defers to the second half. Minnesota will receive the kickoff to start the game, heading toward the south end zone.

Indiana football will kick off against Minnesota at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday at Memorial Stadium. Indiana will honor its seniors prior to the game.

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