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Sunday, May 26
The Indiana Daily Student

IUSG Supreme Court certifies 2021-22 congressional election results


The IU Student Government Supreme Court certified the 2021-22 congressional election results Thursday evening.

Students cast ballots through IUSG’s “Approval Voting” system, which allowed voters to approve more than one candidate when appropriate, according to a document from Brennan Murphy, IUSG Supreme Court chief justice. Students were limited to voting for candidates in the schools, programs and residential situations they are in, according to the document.  

Students also voted on a referendum of an IUSG Constitution amendment. The amendment was ratified with 1,256 students voting in favor, 155 opposed and 367 abstained, according to the document.

The scholastic representatives are:

University Division:

  • Aaliyah Raji

College of Arts & Sciences:

  • Kayla Brooks

  • Jack Milton

  • Christopher Moore

  • Elene Henning

  • Allison Kleinfeld

  • Michael Morra

  • Patrick Lee

Jacobs School of Music:

  • Sarah Perdekamp

Kelley School of Business:

  • Hannah Bruskin

  • Cale Goodman

  • Jason Mbwa-Mboma

  • Ethan Fine

  • Shelby Fugate

O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs:

  • Alida Flores

  • Aidan Chism

School of Education:

  • Evelyn Eggers

Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering:

  • Dylan Minichiello

  • Jack Tyndall

School of Public Health:

  • Dorynn Mentor

The University Graduate School:

  • Evan Carnes

Maurer School of Law:

  • Bradley Loden

The School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Optometry and School of Social Work had no candidates, leaving their seats vacant, according to the document.

The residential representatives are:

Central Neighborhood:

  • Mary Davids

  • Khushi Jain

  • Evan Futa

Northwest Neighborhood:

  • Harrison Dinius

  • Aidan Hamilton

Southeast Neighborhood:

  • Sam Syroney

  • Madison Harris

Sorority and Fraternity Housing:

  • Chad Ivester

  • Maddy Massa

  • Erica Huffine

Apartment and Family Housing:

  • Ryan Dalkin

Off-Campus Housing:

  • Carling Louden

  • Alexandra Lebel

  • Kyle Enright

  • Margaret Robinson

  • Benjamin May

  • Alex Bean

  • Devarshi Bhadouria

  • Matt Deitch

  • Valerie Grau

  • Ryan Avrick

  • Chasen Ozawa

  • Matthew Hochfelder

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