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COLUMN: LANY’s new album, ‘gg bb xx’ is predictable, disjointed

<p>LANY’s newest album “gg bb xx” features 12 tracks. The pop-synth trio released their fourth studio album on Sept. 3, 2021.</p>

LANY’s newest album “gg bb xx” features 12 tracks. The pop-synth trio released their fourth studio album on Sept. 3, 2021.

LANY, a trio musical group, released its fourth studio album, “gg bb xx,” Sept. 3. The 12 tracks contain all the sounds and lyrical themes people who have listened to the group’s discography expect from them. But, that’s just it. The album is so expected and the songs barely distinguish themselves from one another. 

I’ve listened to LANY since it was only releasing EPs in 2015, so I’m as big a fan as anyone of its sound, but this album overall felt like a bit of a regression compared to its previous album “mama’s boy.” That album, released October of 2020, featured a more stripped down, acoustic sound which was a change of pace for the group and I was not expecting them to backtrack with this one.

The album basically consists of either love songs or breakup songs. Going from one to the other was kind of jarring and made the album feel disjointed, like the album concept as a whole wasn’t considered and songs were just put on it with no planning. It caused me to feel emotionally disconnected while listening. 

That being said, I am still a fan and would recommend anyone who loves pop-y, synthy love songs to partake in LANY’s music. Here are a few songs that did stick out for me that I am happy to have from them. 

live it down

I am putting this one on the list because to me it stands out the most. It’s slower than the other songs and the accompaniment is just an acoustic guitar. Also, it’s a really sweet song. This album is filled with love songs, but this one in particular is the most genuine sounding to me and warms my heart. 

dancing in the kitchen” 

This was a single from the album and I had mixed feelings about it at first, because I felt like it sounded like some of its older stuff when I was hoping for new sounds. But, after more listens, it has really grown on me. It’s quintessential pop, and the beat makes me want to — dare I say — dance in the kitchen. 

one minute left to live” 

We see some impressive vocals from lead singer, Paul Klein, here. There is also some sweet piano in this song and it’s a very heartfelt note to leave off with. The ending fades out, making it almost seem like more is to come. Which truly is the best way this album could end — promising us more to come soon. Something that is hopefully more original and well-planned.

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