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COLUMN: What could be next in the never-ending Truly flavors?


The flavored-alcohol brand Truly Hard Seltzer burst onto the scene during the seltzer craze of 2016. Since then, the company has come out with new flavor packs nonstop, including a berry, citrus and tropical variety pack.

Every time I go to the store, I feel like I see something new to try. Truly now includes seltzer versions of drinks like lemonade, iced tea and fruit punch, which is my personal favorite.

Here are my three predictions — or suggestions if anyone with Truly ever sees this — of the next flavor pack to come. These have not been announced by Truly, but I hope they’re available to purchase some day.

Beer Variety Pack 

Bud Light now has a line of hard seltzers for those who dislike beer, I predict Truly will find itself coming full circle with a beer variety pack. The four new flavors will check all the boxes for beer lovers, including:

  1. Pale Ale: This light beer will include overtones of wheat, with the signature subtle ale aftertaste. Perfect for sipping and it doesn’t feel too heavy.

  2. India Pale Ale: This darker beer is packed with hops that every craft brewery stan will appreciate. 

  3. Sour Ale: This ale will make you pucker your lips. With citrus aftertaste, this drink will be unexpected and likely to become a quick fan favorite.

  4. Stout: This dark beer is for the Guinness lover in your life. With deep, rich and chocolatey notes, the pack would not be complete without a stout.

Fall and Winter Variety Pack

I think Truly, and seltzers in general, have cemented themselves in summer vibes as they are  light and refreshing. If Truly is truly trying to break into every market, they must also add a fall and winter-flavored variety pack to their lineup. 

This pack would include the flavors:

  1. Cranberry: Reminding you of the perfect turkey garnish, or just your go-to vodka-cranberry drink, this seltzer will be tart and flavorful. 

  2. Apple Cider: Just to be clear, this wouldn’t be a cider, but instead a seltzer that will deliver all the warm, cinnamon-y goodness you expect.

  3. Peppermint: A less-sweet flavor in the pack, this would provide a punch of peppermint to taste like the candy canes hanging from your Christmas tree. 

  4. Pumpkin Spice Latte: Popularized by Starbucks and a 2010’s staple, this pack would not be complete without a flavor tasting like pumpkin pie and a warm latte. 

Floral Variety Pack

I don’t know if you’ve ever had lavender or rose flavors added to a coffee, tea or baked goods, but it’s *chef’s kiss*. I propose Truly get in on “florally” flavors with a variety pack including:

  1. Rose: This light and aromatic flavor will offer just a hint of floral that you can both smell and taste. It will be like snacking on a macaron throughout the streets of Paris.

  2. Lavender: This sweet and relaxing flavor will be fragrant and delicious. Perfect for the lavender coffee lover in your life.

  3. Honeysuckle: This seltzer will taste like an exquisite wildflower. The natural honeysuckle flavor will remind you of those warm, sweet, spring childhood days. 

  4. Chamomile: This calming flower will give you the taste and feeling of your favorite bedtime teas. Cracking open a chamomile Truly will offer the perfect blend of fun and relaxation.

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