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Monday, Feb. 26
The Indiana Daily Student


Bloomington singer-songwriter Sarah Cassidy to perform at People’s Park on Thursday


Bloomington singer-songwriter Sarah Cassidy will perform a free concert at People’s Park from 4:30-6 p.m. Thursday as part of the People’s Park Concert Series. 

The concert will feature both band and acoustic performances, Cassidy said. Cassidy said she plans to play the first 30 minutes with a full live band, transition to an acoustic set in the middle of the performance, then bring the band back at the end. 

She will play a mix of covers and original songs, including a few unreleased original songs she has never performed before, Cassidy said.

Cassidy described her style of music as heavily influenced by folk, pop and rock but constantly evolving. 

“I definitely feel like as I grow and change, the type of music I create and the type of music I'm drawn to grows and changes,” Cassidy said. “But the term singer-songwriter, I feel like usually applies pretty well.”

Cassidy has released four original songs on streaming platforms. She said she starts the process of creating an original song by writing poetry, then adds the music later. As an independent artist she said she wants to learn more about producing her own music in the future because she enjoys all aspects of the process. 

“All aspects of performance I just find to be almost therapeutic, especially the process of songwriting,” Cassidy said. 

Cassidy studies vocal performance, musical theater and arts administration at IU. She began performing around Bloomington during her freshman year of high school when she performed her first ever gig at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market, Cassidy said. 

“I love the Bloomington arts community. I feel like it's definitely overlooked sometimes as this random town in Indiana, but the music scene is really something wonderful,” Cassidy said. “There's just so many great local organizations that want to uplift you and want to give people a platform.”

Drummer Brandon Walker, who has performed with Cassidy for five years, will play alongside Cassidy at the concert Thursday. 

Walker said he enjoys being a drummer because he creates the beat people dance to. Music is something that should be fun for everyone, whether they are creating music or just listening, Walker said. 

“Music is something that all walks of life enjoy. And you know, you don't really need a reason to have fun,” Walker said. 

Cassidy said her goal is to move to a larger city and pursue a career in music. Whether it be working as a vocalist, songwriter, vocal instructor or at an arts nonprofit, Cassidy said performing and creating is something she needs to do.

“It's a part of me that I have to pursue. It's how I feel sane. If I've had a bad day I just go in my garage and I sing and I just perform and I allow myself to be goofy and just however I feel that day,” Cassidy said. “I feel like art is one of the best ways to explore yourself, explore your own emotions, and communicate that with other people.”

Both Walker and Cassidy encouraged people to attend the concert Thursday and just have fun. Cassidy said the People’s Park concert will be her first in-person performance since the start of the pandemic so she wants to make it as joyful as possible. 

“I want to get everybody together and make really big sound. I just want to blow up Kirkwood with sound and have a great time,” Cassidy said. “It will be a fun jammin' time. You can stop in for five minutes or for an hour and a half. I just hope to play something for everybody and make people smile.”

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