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Sunday, April 21
The Indiana Daily Student

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IUSG Supreme Court declines to hear new Inspire appeals Monday night


The IU Student Government Supreme Court denied to hear all five of Inspire’s most recent appeals Monday night.

Over the last two weeks the IUSG Supreme Court overturned four of the IUSG Election Commission’s rulings against Inspire. After both of the court’s decisions, the Inspire ticket had six total penalty points. 

Inspire was officially disqualified after the IUSG Election Commission reassessed the telecommunications violations and deducted eight points from the Inspire ticket. In total, the commission deducted a total of 14 points from Inspire, meaning the ticket is disqualified.

In its official appeal of the commission’s reassessment, Inspire claimed three election commissioners should have recused themselves from voting on complaints against Inspire because of personal bias against the ticket. 

Other arguments made by Inspire include claims that the IUSG Election Commission violated Inspire’s due process rights by withholding evidence later used against the ticket and that the commission misinterpreted the telecommunications bylaws.

In its most recent appeal, Inspire argued that the commission should have found Inspire guilty of a Class D telecommunications violation at most. According to IUSG Bylaws, a Class D violation results in a two to four point deduction.

Inspire’s disqualification means the Elevate ticket has won the election . The court will certify the election results by Wednesday, May 5, the deadline set by the IUSG Bylaws. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misstated the Inspire campaign’s election status.

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