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Thursday, April 18
The Indiana Daily Student

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IUSG Supreme Court sets date for second election appeal for April 25

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The IUSG Supreme Court has set April 25 as the date to hear oral arguments in the Inspire campaign’s second appeal of the IUSG Election Commission’s decision to disqualify the ticket. Members of the public will have the opportunity to listen in on the arguments.

This post-election appeal from Inspire aims to overturn the Election Commission’s ruling that Inspire improperly used IUSG branding in its campaign. The election commission deducted 12 points for the violations. Including the 12 points from a different case, the ticket’s total point deductions totaled 24. It takes 10 points to be disqualified

Improper use of IUSG branding includes falsely leading voters to believe a ticket is endorsed by IUSG and includes current IUSG officers using their office to promote a ticket. 

In an interview with the Indiana Daily Student earlier this year, Ruhan Syed, the current IUSG vice president and Inspire campaign manager, spoke on behalf of the Inspire campaign. The IUSG election commission said his use of the word “we” in reference to the 2021 Inspire ticket misled voters. 

After the oral arguments conclude on Sunday, the justices will enter deliberations privately. Within 24 hours of the justices concluding their deliberations, the court will notify both Inspire and the Election Commission of the decision, according to an email from an IUSG Supreme Court official Thursday. Written opinions of the decision will be published within three days. That means members of the public will likely know the result by Wednesday. 

The public can register to virtually attend the Sunday hearing.

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