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Tuesday, Feb. 27
The Indiana Daily Student

Keep track of your spending in college


Log your spending

Whether you do it on paper, on an Excel sheet or through an app, keep track of your spending. Doing this will help you know how much money you have.

Avoid late fees

Putting off paying a bill in the moment may feel great, but doing so will just add more stress and late fees down the road.

Cut down on subscription services

Subscription services can add up quickly. Evaluate what you really need and cancel the rest. You may be shocked how much money you can save every month when cutting back on subscription services.

Plan for the unexpected

Plan to put a certain amount of your paycheck in savings to build up an emergency fund. You never know when your car may break down and you need that money.

Evaluate needs and wants

Buying a $7 cup of coffee everyday adds up. Making coffee at home can save lots of money every month. Know what you need and know what you want to help cut back on spending.

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