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Thursday, May 30
The Indiana Daily Student

The best TikTok trends to emulate when decorating your room


TikTok is composed of more than just dance videos and comedy skits. TikToks can offerDIY trends that can help you decorate your space. From photo walls to canvas art, there’s a myriad of ways to keep your room looking fresh and exciting. Here are some of the best trends from TikTok that can help you elevate your room this year: 

The photo wall

This trend is super quick and fun. All you really need is glue, beads, string and photos of you and your friends. Just string some beads up and glue polaroids of your pals on your wall. This trend is versatile, too, with several different ways to create a photo wall. You can be as minimalist or as lavish as you’d like. It’s a fun way to add some personality to your room and remind you of all the wonderful people in your life.


Wall vines have been big on TikTok for awhile now. They add some color to your space and can give you a different background for Zoom calls or photos. In a time when you can’t get out of the house as much as you’d like, it’s nice to bring a little bit of nature indoors. Plus, these vines are cheap, with a 12-pack of vines going for $13 on Amazon

Bed in the closet 

Maybe things are feeling stale. You’re in a rut, unsure of what direction to take in life. Here’s some simple advice: put your bed in your closet. This trend is a little weird, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun. Sometimes rearranging furniture can help you open up space and provide a new perspective. 

Wall art 

Buying wall art can be pretty expensive, so you can just make your own. A lot of craft stores sell canvas prints that can be painted over. Just get some paints and create your very own piece of art.

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