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Wednesday, June 19
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: 'An Open Letter to Yts Who Call Me Sis,' a poem by Adrianne Embry




What would you like to hear in response my unmelanated colonizing Kween?

Why would you fix your tongue to think I’d call you sis back?

Please tell me how we are related

Did your ancestors rape mine on a plantation? 

Is this the relation that makes you fix your tongue to call me


Like we got the same momma without me knowing somehow 

Well I text my momma and she said you a liar 

That she ain’t raise no goofies so once again

What relation do we have for you to call me sis?

Is there a secret group I don’t know about that white women and gay white men have all joined into where they call people their gender assignment?

Because one that’s weird and if that’s not the case why would you fix your tongue to call me sis?

What you trynna tell me?

You down enough for cornrows and box braids?

That you feel comfortable enough to ask me to teach you how to twerk??

That you love black guys so it’s totally fine if you call me 


You know my sista and I have a tradition

Where if one of us irks the other we throw hands for 15 seconds…

So what’s good sis?

So what’s good Miley?

Sara, Claire, and Connor?

Note: if you don’t sound right saying “throw hands” once again how in the hell can you fix your tongue to call me 


Is this you inviting yourself to the cookout?

Because my aunties ain’t nice and they don’t want to meet you

Is this you declaring yourself queen at low fat bean casserole and baked Mac & cheese casserole?

Like we ain’t related because I can’t even comprehend why everything is a casserole with y’all.

Story time ... dim the lights

Once upon a time a yt body declared me sis

Placed a plate of uncooked noodles, butter, and shredded cheese in front of me

Declared it Mac and cheese 

My ancestors ain’t slept since

We all terrified that she may have actually put her foot in it 

Turn the lights back on

When blk women coin one another sis we recognizing a similar struggle

A generational struggle

Do you not understand that in this struggle you fit in as oppressor despite your “Black Lives Matter” bio on Twitter on Instagram on Facebook 

Because once again, you’ll faint if we don’t know how down you are

Don’t call me sis

We ain’t of no relation

We ain’t of the same struggle

So don’t call me sis

Don’t call me sis

Don't call me sis

& don't touch my hair

No you ain’t invited to the cookout 

No those “baby hairs” ain’t cute on you

No that lip plumper ain’t working

My sis’ bestow magick

Black girl magic and I am so sorry, baby girl

But you ain’t got it

So how in the hell could you fix yo tongue to call me 


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