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Sunday, May 19
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: Meet the hosts of 'you're too loud!'


Black women are always told we are too aggressive, too outspoken and too loud. As the hosts of the podcast  “you’re too loud!” we hope to alleviate that stereotype. 

Through the podcast, we rewrite the narrative and create a space for Black women everywhere to be loud about what’s going on in the world, while putting their creative spin on it.

We are optimistic there is a collective awakening occurring in our country right now. People are finally starting to self reflect on their prejudiced past, use their privilege to speak out and confront our country's dark history with racism. 

Although it is heavy stuff, everyone needs a laugh. This podcast is needed because we can educate others from personal experience, which people often relate to more than reading someone else’s words on a page. 

We discuss topics that are relevant with empathy, agility and humor. 

Black people are often able to laugh through the darkest moments. Our spirit of joy and humor transcends and cuts through the discouragement of burdened hearts all over the world. As Black women at a predominantly white institution with unique perspectives on the world, we have to uplift and inspire our community and are committed to sharing our voices as far as they can possibly reach. 

This podcast is our opportunity to give friends all over the world a moment to be swept up in our words and give their souls rest while also consuming engaging, thoughtful and optimistic content. 

We are incredibly proud to join Black women everywhere in reclaiming our voice in the loudest way possible. Join us every #tooloudtuesday for laughs, cries and a guaranteed good time. You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and anywhere you listen to podcasts. Stay loud, y’all.

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