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Saturday, May 25
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: Meet IU African Students' Association


The African Students' Association at IU concerns itself primarily with the welfare of African students, but we also have an obligation to the campus community. 

The association focuses on cultural, social, political and economic matters affecting Africa and the African community in general. Our purpose is to educate everyone on matters that concern Africa, whether it is present or past events. We work to enlighten everyone on the different cultures within Africa. 

We hold a benefit dinner where we raise money for a charitable cause and eat African food, so everyone can have a taste of different foods the motherland has to offer. Additionally, we hold African Night in the spring semester. This event is a major celebration to Africa and the culture as a whole. 

Despite having a mostly virtual semester, we still try to interact with our audience by conducting events through Zoom. Recently, we held a candlelight vigil called #AfricaIsBleeding to highlight problems occurring all throughout the continent of Africa whether it be human trafficking, rape or corrupt leadership. 

This year is not what we expected, but adapting to the situation is important. We will not let the COVID-19 pandemic hold us back from our objectives — we love this campus too much. We encourage and welcome everyone to our organization, so be on the lookout for virtual events.

Morfing Koné is a senior and the vice president of African Students' Association at IU.

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