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Tuesday, June 18
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: 'Just Can’t Wait…' a poem by Adrianne Embry


We be more than mourning bodies

We rejoice

Stomp our feet to the sound of the old heads dapping up

The bass from they laughs & they 


Gives us something to remember that we alive

We breathing

Jaicey wouldn’t have it any other way

She dream herself superhero but the powers

come before a loved one’s death.

She loved comics so much as a kid she became one

Welcome to the Spider-verse

Sis, is the baddest Spider Man you’ve ever laid eyes on

I honestly don’t know too much ‘bout superheroes

But I know ‘bout Black women…

Jaicey say she can flip off a building and build herself

a nest of silk & I believe her

She say she can breathe underwater longer than Aquaman

& though that statement is questionable, I believe her.

She say she can do any type of superhero shit & I believe her

She says that for every day that she has spent mourning

she will experience two days of joy & I believe her.

You know Nick say he in that Spider-verse too

& it ain’t no competition with ‘em

Miles Morales dreamt himself in that world

& so did they & I refuse to let you tell them otherwise

When my people rejoicing ain’t shit interrupting

Don’t you hear RJ chopping it up in the kitchen

He ain’t letting Aniya’s slick nibbles deter him from

putting life into them greens, yams and mac & cheese

She ain’t letting his slick looks deter her from tasting either

When I tell you that when we feel joy, we feel it

Donya sitting in the living room 

She call the couch her throne

She got Lion King playing

She tapping her foot at all the right parts

My good sis just can’t wait to be queen

This the first Disney movie that showed her it was possible

She rolling her eyes cause she told RJ she done wanted tacos

But she aint complaining because the music is soothing…

You know the sound of the old heads

The chopping

The nibbles

The sound of laughing

It be too joyous to complain

‘Cus we living right here, right now together

& we’d be damn if anything took that away.

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