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Tuesday, June 25
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: 'God be...' a poem by Adrianne Embry


There is something odd about these bodies

In it we multi dimensional

I find myself in feminist spaces next to my trans sisters

next to nonbinary bodies

They tell us that we all safe here

That they inclusive here

as long as we keep it relatable


They tell us to fit inside they lines

That there is no in between in terms of femininity

Or masculinity


There can’t be any finger pointing here

as if yt men be the only perpetrators

and enforcers of this system

They tell us to praise they gods

& their Susan B. ass icons

They promise us that if we wear their pink pussy hats

That if we make our words pretty

Twirl them in roses & vines that they’ll be more

attentive in watching how we die

The point was to always make our deaths easier for them to consume

We not black or women of color here

You can’t bring grievances if it ain’t about able, cis, yt bodies here

We be…

Excuse me.

We are women here 

And only that

Until our willfully ignored rage begins to shake shit up

Until we give yall the storms we promised

Until the Mother Earth unborns us by swallowing our bodies

wrapping us in her white roses and vines

Yes. Femininity can create bones too.

Ain’t they pretty to observe before destruction?

I am God created in your image

You say blasphemy but expect black women to be savior

To willfully nail ourselves to a cross

To sacrifice our bodies for the sins of your supremacy

Of your patriarchy

Y'all dreamt us up like this so you can’t deny this holy

So like I said

I be God

This body be sanctified and venerated

This body ain’t protected but is made to protect others

By habit I be your harbinger 

Even if it news you don’t wanna hear

What God ain’t honest?

What God is refused her own seed?

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