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What do I need for my new kitchen?

You’ve moved into your first college apartment, congratulations! Now that you’ve bought your TV and couch, you are going to need to “furnish” one of the most used rooms in your house: the kitchen. 

While your parents' kitchen appeared to have everything including a rice cooker, your kitchen here in Bloomington need not be that fancy. Here are the essentials you need for your college kitchen.


1.     Forks, knives and spoons

2.     Plates and bowls (ideally 2 plates per person living in the space)

3.     Cups

Cooking Tools

1.     Spatula

2.     Big spoon

3.     Metal or glass bowl

4.     Tongs

5.     Measuring cups

6.     Chef Knife

7.     Pots

8.     Pans

9.     Cooking tray

Cleaning Supplies

1.     Paper Towels

2.     Sponge

3.     Dish Soap

4.     Cleaning Spray

Cooking Materials

1.     Oil and/or cooking spray

2.     Salt and pepper

3.     Spices



1.     Toaster

2.     Tupperware

3.     Dish Towel

4.     Blender

5.    Sandwich Bags

6.   Garbage Bags

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