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'I could have just walked out': Students quarantining at Ashton say there's little supervision


A sign that reads "Do Not Enter" is seen Sep. 10 taped to a barricade outside of Ashton Center. The IU quarantine housing at Ashton is under scrutiny for not having a strict enough protocol regarding residents entering and exiting the building. Colin Kulpa

James Troyer, a freshman at IU who quarantined at Ashton Center for 10 days, said no one ever checked to see if he was staying in his room.

Students who have to quarantine at Ashton because they have or might have COVID-19 say no one is enforcing their quarantine and people are leaving without consequences. 

There was little supervision. At night, other students would enter different Ashton buildings that weren’t the ones where they were quarantining, said IU freshman Madigan Hogan, who quarantined in Ashton for a week.

IU spokesperson Chuck Carney said an IU Health professional checks in on students at least once a day through the Twistle app or through a phone call with a nurse. 

Troyer said he would get a text from nurses or a notification from the Twistle app that would ask him if he had any symptoms or needed medical care. He said it didn’t ask him about his physical location. No one ever physically checked on him or knocked on the door to make sure he was still in his room, he said.

“I mean I think that I could have just walked out of the door and nothing would have happened,” Troyer said. “They wouldn’t have noticed, really, at the time.”

Hogan said she would also get a text in the morning from nurses about her temperature and symptoms. She said she thought it was strange no one checked to see if she was staying in her room.

Carney said students under quarantine are expected to follow the directions or face potential sanctions. He said sanctions and expulsion are the main deterrents for students. Students who leave quarantine may be held accountable through the student conduct process and will put their student status in jeopardy, he said.

“I think there’s a pretty off chance that you could get caught, but I think it’s like a little bit slimmer than you would hope that it is,” Hogan said.

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