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How to bond with your new roommate

Moving to college can be a daunting experience and for those who grew as only children, learning to share your space with another can be challenging. However, for better or worse, you are going to be living with your roommate(s) for the rest of the year, so it’ll be best to try to get along. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may not be the best option to go to a party together and try bonding that way. Instead, here are some safer alternatives to get to know your roommate.

Play a game

Playing a game of strategy not only allows you the opportunity to get to know how the other person thinks, but because it isn’t as involved as video games, it will give you a chance to talk. Try answering or asking a question every round and no matter who wins, you'll come out of the game having learned about your roommate.

Some examples of games to play include chess, checkers, cards and monopoly

Create a roommate agreement 

By sitting down and discussing the rules of the living space you will be able to save yourself an unnecessary headache down the road. You may even find you both have the same pet peeves or quirks and bond over a shared love of blasting gospel music on Saturday mornings. 

Binge a new show together

What could be an easier activity than sitting on the couch and watching TV? However, instead of trying to get the other to watch your favorite show try picking out a new one together. The key to getting along is finding common ground and a good show could be an easy place to start.

Decorate your space together

Who doesn’t like customizing their own space? However, one of the contingencies of sharing a space is having to consider what the other person likes. By decorating your space together, you will be able to learn about the other person’s likes and dislikes, their favorite color or even their favorite band. With all these ideas on what should go where you are bound to find something you like in common. 

Cook a meal together

We all love to eat and what better way to get rid of the first-time awkwardness than watching each other fumble around the kitchen. Whether you can cook or not, spending time to make and eat a meal together will help you bond like nothing else. Take the time to talk about what you do or do not like.  

Study together

While you may not do a lot of talking, doing homework together can still help you bond. You may know a lot about a subject the other lacks in, or vice versa.

You will see your roommate(s) every day for the rest of the school year, so it’s a good idea to start the year on a good foot. 

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