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Saturday, Feb. 24
The Indiana Daily Student

Here's how IU students can celebrate Halloween safely during the COVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 pandemic appears to have changed every aspect of life as we know it, but it won’t stop Halloween spirit among students. 

There are many ways IU students have adapted to the rules and regulations put in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Some adhere strictly to social distancing, mask-wearing and gathering with no more than 15 people, while others take a more relaxed approach. 

Despite the fact that the world is still facing the coronavirus pandemic, many are worried this will not hold some students back from partying. But is it possible that Halloween can still be experienced enjoyably without violating public health standards or neighborhood decency? 

Sophomore Alyssa Huffman is unsure of whether students will be COVID-19-safe this Halloween. This year said she plans to watch movies with a small group of her friends. 

“Some students will make good decisions, and some will make bad decisions, but the bad decisions will probably outweigh the good,” Huffman said. 

Junior Rachel Billheimer said she thinks there will be a mixed response to following public health guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety precautions on Halloween. 

“I think a lot of students living off campus will be safer, but I’m not sure about the sorority and fraternity houses,” Billheimer said. “I think some people will just go out and ignore it.” 

On Satuday students can attend one of IU Late Nite’s events. IU Late Nite will be hosting "Paint-a-Pumpkin" starting at 8 p.m. at the Indiana Memorial Union on Thursday. 

“We will have pumpkins that students can pick up with an art kit,” Dillon Slagle, Late Nite marketing manager, said. “Something to get students in the mood for Halloween.”

At 9 p.m. Friday in the Conrad Prebys Amphitheater there will be an outdoor screening of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

“Students can dress up and perform along with the film for an interactive experience,” Slagle said.

Although Late Nite is hosting in-person events for Halloween, Slagle said Late Nite’s priority is student safety. 

“We want to make sure that students feel comfortable at these events, and enjoy themselves in the same capacity as normal times,” Slagle said. “IU Late Nite was created with students in mind and we want them to know that we are doing everything we can do to help to promote safety.”

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