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Tuesday, June 25
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: 'Try It,' a poem by Adrianne Embry


God be a black woman so of course she got me

God be my big sister when I ran home and told her Stephen touched my ass during basketball

God be the black woman who shielded me from a cop when I was 13

God be my ancestors with they arms all linked together daring evil to try it if it want to

See I ain’t believe in God, but I got pulled over three times in one week and made it

What that be if it ain’t a god?

The same week I got in an accident with no scratches

What that be if it ain’t a god?

If it ain’t a black woman looking over me

If it ain’t my sister spitting at the hands of evil telling em to touch me

If it ain’t the hands of my ancestors living through me

I am indestructible until they say otherwise so go head and try it

Touch me

I got angels and they got me

They not bout vengeance but they bout that life so go head...try it

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