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Friday, June 14
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IU Auditorium presents Open Air Venues for students, clubs to have outdoor events


Students and organizations at IU will be able to safely gather and enjoy the outdoors this fall through IU Auditorium’s new Open Air Venues initiative.

IU Auditorium has provided 13 tented spaces across the IU campus where students and clubs now have the ability to organize and participate in various activities while staying outside during the COVID-19 pandemic. These venues are available for use, though organizers may need to submit a request form depending on the size of the event.

The Open Air Venues provide opportunities for performances, which haven't been readily available during the pandemic. People are allowed to organize an array of events, such as fine and performing arts, popular entertainment, civic and community engagement, health and wellness and athletic-related events, according to the IU Auditorium website. 

The venues have been divided into two categories: Campus Corner Venues and Performance Hub Venues.

Campus Corner Venues, which can be found along typical student paths, are intended for more casual usage, such as during class breaks, according to the IU Auditorium website. These spaces are smaller than the Performance Hub Venues, though they are still accessible for all IU students and allow for clubs to organize promotional activities.

If the organizer is anticipating 25 or more people, a Fall 2020 Event and Conference Request Form must be submitted to the IU Auditorium Campus Corner Venues can be found near popular campus locations, such as the Woodburn clock and the Eskenazi Museum of Art. 

Performance Hub Venues are for more formal events and larger audiences. These locations have higher levels of technology, larger stages and audience seating may be requested for an additional fee. Unlike the Campus Corner sites, all events involving the Performance Hubs require pre-approval. Locations for these hubs include Prebys Amphitheater and Dunn Meadow.

Students are already looking forward to the prospect of having a designated space to engage in entertaining, group activities. SophomoreThomas Gerson found a passion for stand-up comedy in early March, though his opportunities were quickly squandered by the onset of COVID-19.

“Everything feels so constricted and impersonal now,” Gerson said. “That’s why I think there is a great opportunity to bring people together and experience even a small bit of normal life by using the Open Air Venues.”

Gerson hopes to bring student-organized comedy shows to the IU community with the addition of the venues.

For more information on how to request an Open Air Venue, visit the Open Air Venue Request page on IU Auditorium’s website.

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