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Monday, May 27
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: 'Cicadas,' a poem by Adrianne Embry


How can you not like the sound of cicadas

They hum for you, baby

Just listen 

Don’t you know they sing on they own hour

When the sun retires from the sky 

they speak to you, child just listen

They telling you when to be home and in the same they telling you that you already there

When the thunder stops threatening and bears the water that it has promised, they shall leave

But listen, I’ll still be here

soaked in the same rain that fell on our ancestors

I am healing for you, honey

Just listen

Let the water splash upon us

It touching blk bodies or soil is what makes it holy so, baby

Let it splash upon us 

Child, splash in it with us

Let’s pray in our holy 

& our healing 

I know you hear the rain and I know the cicadas humming has ceased

But listen, don’t you still hear em?

Ain’t we home??

Ain’t we holy??

Ain’t we able to heal and rejoice even when a storm is coming??

So give praise to the cicadas 

& the storm cloud that brings wet

& our ancestors 

For it is allowing me healing for us

& them in a safe space because 

Once again

Ain’t we home??

Ain’t we holy??

Ain’t we able to heal??

Prove that we not otherwise hallelujah!



We done made it home


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