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Monday, May 27
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: 'Responses to "You Good?"' a poem by Adrianne Embry



I’m black

I’m woman

Am I allowed to be broken and black and woman??

Instead of sleeping last night I mourned over brown bodies

I have grown tired of mourning over these bodies. 

Time has persisted and I have become one.

I keep having nightmares of black bodies emptied out. I’m not sure if it’s a dream of if I’ve lived it

To be black is to never be ok

To be black is to always be ok

I could not hear your question over the sound of my kin being murdered

I bear no energy nor want nor answer for your question

Fuck it look like?

Do you not taste the blood in the air?

I’ve carved the constellations into my throat yet I still can’t find my way home

Have you seen my home?

I haven’t slept because I don’t want to see his murder again

To be black is to cope and to not cope at all


I’m good. What about you?

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