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Thursday, June 20
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Black Voices

Black Voices: 'Pop Quiz (#SayHerName),' a poem by Adrianne Embry

Pop Quiz (#SayHerName)

POP QUIZ! When a black womxn is murdered by the police and nobody screams can we still mourn her? If we ignore the news will their names stop sounding like my cousins and little black girls I used to share Vaseline with? Are our bodies worthy of coverage? Are they worthy of soil? Are we worth a city of ashes?

Answer: ______________

Pop Quiz…How many of these names sound like kin to you?

  • Alberta Spurill

  • Michelle Washington

  • Breonna Taylor

  • Rekia Boyd

  • Shantel Davis

  • Shelley Frey

  • Kayla Moore

  • Kyam Livingston

Answer: All of em 

Are we worthy enough for our rallies?

Answer: _______________

  • Miriam Carey

  • Michelle Cusseaux

  • Tanisha Anderson

  • Korryn Gaines

  • FREE SPACE (Put your cousin’s name here)

  • Marielle Franco

Does this not feel redundant to you?

Answer: _______________

  • Jessica Williams

  • Pamela Turner

  • Kisha Michael

  • Gynna McKillen

  • Mya Hall

  • Alexia Christian

  • Meagan Hockaday

  • Sandra Bland

  • Natasha McKenna

Pop Quiz…if a black womxn is murdered by the police and it’s only us who screams, can we still be worthy of a movement? Will you still call us magic even if our womb swallows us too?

#SayHerName (Continued)

Kindra Chapman

Symone Marshall

Raynette Turner

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Eleanor Bumpurs

Ralkina Jones

Joyce Curnell

Tanisha Anderson

Barbara Dawson

Alesia Thomas

Yvette Smith

Kathryn Johnston

Kendra James

Melissa Williams

Tarika Wilson

Shereese Francis

Jessica Williams

Briana Ojeda

Pamela Turner


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