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OPINION: Bring back Big Time Rush


Big Time Rush member James Maslow greets fans during the group's sold-out show Feb. 18, 2012, at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California Tribune News Service

Strap in, folks. This is going to get really stupid. 

Pop culture has become a revolving door. Things enter, become popular, exit and come back later in prettier packaging. We live in a time of endless reboots and sequels. People are beating dead horses until they’re ghosts, and then they’re beating the ghost horses. 

So, with that being said, we’ve waited long enough. Society needs its boy band back. We need Kendall, James, Logan and Carlos back. Bring back Big Time Rush.

Big Time Rush has been largely ignored from the boy band Hunger Games. Everyone picks One Direction as their favorite, and it’s tiring. One Direction is never coming back. Harry Styles is making much better music now, and the new Niall Horan song sounds like Arctic Monkeys, so I don’t even want One Direction back. 

The early 2010s were oversaturated with boy bands. Every song was about a girl or a beach or having a good time or whatever. 

Big Time Rush was the best of all of them. It is an underappreciated group with a hefty catalogue of fun, pop music. And most of it still holds up. 

Big Time Rush is the true 2010s boy band. It is so hardcore; the band never played instruments or wrote their own songs. 

I would normally care about both of those things, but in the case of Big Time Rush I really don’t mind. 

“City is Ours” from its 2010 debut record “BTR” fills me with so much energy that I feel like I can run through a brick wall or lift a car with my pinky finger. 

And who could deny the slick production and iconic chorus of “Boyfriend.” The band got Snoop Dogg on that song. One Direction never had Snoop Dogg. 

Big Time Rush is big, dumb fun. Every chorus is massive with pulsating synths, pounding electronic drums and autotuned harmonies. 

Honestly, Big Time Rush seems like a band made up of industry plants, but it doesn’t even matter. 

Not all music needs to be so dour and gray. Music can be fun and stupid and lack any inherent meaning. Big Time Rush could thunder back onto the scene and recapture the hearts of many looking to lose their inhibitions and shut their brains off. 

Big Time Rush is just the Jonas Brothers on steroids. It is every boy band on steroids. 

If the Jonas Brothers can come back and be successful, so can Big Time Rush.

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