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Sunday, April 14
The Indiana Daily Student

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EDITORIAL: IDS Editorial Board changes with the new year


Every successful journal or news organization relies heavily on its editors and its editorial board.

The industry standard for most of these publications is such that their editorial boards — as the term etymologically implies — are comprised of editors with diverse expertise, ranks and passions. 

Professional news organizations such as the New York Times organize their boards so that both editors and writers with particular specialties convene to come up with some of the most well-versed and thoughtful opinions, specifically for their readers.

That is why, after long, careful considerations for the success of the Indiana Daily Student and clarity for our readers, we have decided to reorganize our editorial board in order to better align ourselves with industry standards. 

The new IDS Editorial Board will be comprised of several individuals, namely the editor-in-chief, the four managing editors, the senior news editor and the two opinion editors.

For the past several years, the IDS has defined its editorial board as the two opinion editors and all of the columnists of the opinion section. 

Though we respect and appreciate the role past editorial boards have served for readers , we believe that this change will allow us to better focus on the interests of our readers and provide a sustainable future for the IDS Editorial Board.

Our Opinion columnists will continue to serve in their individual capacities, and they may even convene to collaborate in writing op-eds from their collective point of view.

Furthermore, we would like to stress the separation between editorial content and news coverage. The two areas will remain distinct, just as they have been.

We recognize that the majority of our readers are IU students, faculty, staff and parents of students. With that in mind, we aim to regularly write on topics that will be more accessible, interesting, engaging and hopefully meaningful to our readers.  

By redirecting editorials to focus on campus, city and even national issues that affect IU students, we strive to be the primary source of quality and trustworthy opinions for our readers.

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