COLUMN: New York Fashion Week streetwear style trickles down to Bloomington


New York Fashion Week has arrived, and plaid is making an appearance in pants and streetwear.  Photo illustration by Ty Vinson Buy Photos

New York Fashion Week has finally arrived, and with it comes new trends that can make their way to the masses. Here are some trends ready for the taking for students.

Traveling across campus in early February means trekking through rain, snow and freezing temperatures. Trying to stay fashionable while also protecting yourself from the elements can be quite the challenge. 

A solution to this problem is the humble beanie. Bright, neon beanies were photographed throughout fashion week as models and show-goers made their way to and from venues. The beanie does not necessarily need to match the completed outfit, as it can also be used as a statement piece.

Along the lines of statement pieces, head-turning outerwear was a focus in New York this week. Since fashion week happens in February, coats were destined to fill the runway. 

Teddy jackets are becoming the new “it” item, along with colorful faux fur coats that I have seen students wearing while walking throughout campus. A teddy jacket is a plush, cozy outer layer usually made of faux fur. This fur is made to resemble a teddy bear's texture, and the coats are perfect to keep you warm while also adding an interesting look to your outfit.

Fashion week models and attendees wore creative accessories in their hairstyles. The style of hair was impressive, but the accessories used to style it was what made myself take a second look. 

Instead of traditional straight hair falling naturally from a runway model's head, scrunchies, barrettes and banana clips were used to keep hairdos in place this season. When styling your hair, think about what aesthetic you are trying to achieve and craft the accessories to meet that desired look.

The infamous fanny pack is finally nearing its industry peak. However, slowly taking its place is the mini crossbody bag. These bags are held close across the chest with a strap that wraps behind your back. 

The bags can be used as statement pieces because they are centered on the body and demand attention. The variety of styles and brands creates room for individuality. Someone looking to make a statement could wear a brightly colored or reflective variation, but a more subtle look can be achieved with a muted colored version of the crossbody bag. 

Blanket scarves flooded the streets of New York this week with oversized fashion brands logos including Balenciaga and Acne Studios. 

While trekking across campus, blanket scarves are not only warm but also a great winter accessory. The blanket scarf is simply an oversized version of a regular scarf, and I believe the bigger the better. I am particularly a fan of plaid blanket scarves paired with an open nude trench coat.

Speaking of plaid, the preppy style is resurfacing in response to the popularity of streetwear.

Plaid is one of the design elements that help create a clean aesthetic, and it is making an appearance in coats and tailored pants. A recent popular design choice has been to mix-and-match different styles and plaid colors in the same garment. While I'm not a fan of that look, if pulled off correctly, it has opportunity to be a standout look.

Fashion trends from New York Fashion Week always trickle down, and fashion-forward members of the mainstream adopt trends like these first. From mini crossbody bags to blanket scarves, these trends are some of the most prominent from New York Fashion Week that have potential to be taken up by students across campus.

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