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Monday, Dec. 11
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Here’s what IU students can do if they find mold in their rooms

Movin' Out

Mold. It’s gross. And at IU, it has become a big problem

Students living in residence halls may be wondering what to do if they find mold or how to check if they have it. Here’s what IU students should do if they suspect their rooms have mold, according to IU Buildings' remediation website.

Document, document, document

Get pictures of any visible mold. Save or take a picture the room’s MoldSCORE report when it gets tested. Save any documents or emails received in regards to the mold. Make a list and take pictures of any items sent to be professionally cleaned.

Report it to the University 

Students who suspect mold can fill out a Mold Concern Report form online. An inspection team will examine the room and take air samples within one to three days after receiving a request. Air samples will receive a MoldSCORE, which measures the number of mold spores found per cubic meter of air in the room. 

Students will need to relocate if the team finds any visible mold or if the air samples comes back with MoldSCOREs over 251. Students whose scores are between 150-250 may not need to relocate, but they will need to have additional air tests in their rooms.

Visit the doctor

If students living in a room with mold begin to feel sick, they should make an appointment at the IU Health Center or a doctor’s office and indicate that they are visiting for mold-related reasons. Health Center visits, CAPS services and treatments for mold-related symptoms are free of charge. Students from Foster or McNutt quads can also be reimbursed for medical expenses related to mold.

Move to a new room

If a student has to relocate due to mold, the University will provide him or her with temporary alternate housing as well as transportation and help moving personal items to the new location. 

Contact professors

Faculty have been asked to work with students affected by mold, but they ultimately have authority over any deadlines. Students whose academic performances have been affected by mold should contact their professors and the Student Advocates Office.

Get items professionally cleaned

Clothing or fabric items without visible mold on them can be laundered normally, but items with visible mold need to be professionally cleaned. Students can get bags for their items from their residence hall’s front desk and have them professionally cleaned. Small electronics can be cleaned at the McNutt North dining room cleaning station. 

Wait until the coast is clear

Once a room has been fully remediated, a student can move back. Students from Foster or McNutt quads who want to permanently move out of their room should contact Residential Programs and Services to discuss vacancy options.

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