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Editorial board hot takes

Each week, our writers have thoughts and opinions that never make it to columnhood. Read on for our hot takes. 

Alvaro Michael: Centenarians should be allowed to play with Legos. Right now the age range is only 4-99.

Anne Anderson: Stop putting marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes. It's not right.

Jack Palmer: IU needs to make all incoming freshmen take a mandatory eight-week course on how to go to the bathroom without destroying it.

Elsbeth Sanders: IU also needs a test for whether or not you can microwave popcorn without burning it. If you fail, you don’t get a microwave.

Ezra Engels: Traveling abroad is a nice privilege, but it is not a substitute for a personality.

Julian Epp: Tax the rich.

Carson Henley: Liking a Republican's picture on Instagram is an act of bipartisanship.

Emma Getz: "Bohemian Rhapsody" is just a flashy studio film that does not properly honor the legacy of Freddie Mercury.

Matthew Waterman: Canvas is the new Vine.

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