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Best hidden study spots around campus


Students study at The Pourhouse Cafe during the week. The Pourhouse Cafe is an off-campus coffee shop. Kate Pasmore

In the midst of the school year, finding a quiet study space can be difficult when it seems as if the whole student body has taken over one area to do homework.

However, IU’s campus offers an array of unknown study spots, it just takes a little exploring to find the right one.

Luddy Hall

A recent addition to IU’s campus, Luddy Hall, home of the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, has focus rooms that almost seem to float over the atrium. This new building is a hidden gem of IU’s campus with extending glass windows, open seating and a cafe that can help make studying a breeze.

The Pourhouse Cafe

When Starbucks becomes too crowded, make your way down Kirkwood Avenue and check out the local Pourhouse Cafe. This spot gives off a great study aesthetic and offers an array of caffeinated drinks and snacks to get anyone through a pile of homework.

McNutt Basement

Besides studying in a dorm or the cafeteria, the center building of McNutt offers a range of tables, classrooms and a computer lab in its basement for students to quietly study. Go downstairs to find ample seating and classrooms for group and individual work.

Franklin Hall Commons

The Media School at Franklin Hall offers a study area that sits in front of a huge TV panel showing screens of news updates and alerts. Students can study at tables, in lounge chairs or in secluded glass rooms for a more private session, all while catching up with the day’s news.

Intramural Center

One of the least-known study spots on campus is the Intramural Center computer lab located on the main floor of the building. This unlikely study spot is another option for students looking for a quiet space with access to computers.

Dunn Meadow

If studying indoors is becoming too stuffy and crowded, check out Dunn Meadow. Setting up a hammock or blanket for a nice study spot with a view of the Indiana Memorial Union and pedestrian traffic can be a great way to get outdoors while studying for exams.

Monroe County Public Library

When Herman B Wells Library becomes too crammed with students trying to get last-minute studying done, the next best place to go is the Monroe County Public Library located on Kirkwood Avenue. Although not as big as Wells library, students still have access to its study tables, lounges and private areas to efficiently study in a quiet, less-populated environment.

Goodbody Eatery at Wells Quad

Although not commonly known about, Goodbody Eatery located at Wells Quad is a great study location for those looking for a quiet, peaceful area both inside and outside. This recently renovated area offers seating both above and below the food court and a view overlooking the foot traffic of students making their way across Jordan River and to Ballantine Hall.

The South Lounge at the Indiana Memorial Union

The Union offers a large room on its first floor that features leather couches, a fireplace and large study tables for students looking to study or even take a quick power nap. This room is also adjacent to Starbucks, giving students the opportunity to rejuvenate before hitting the books again.

IMU Eugene D. Fletchall and William Lowe Bryan Rooms

A little known spot on the eighth floor of the IMU is the Eugene D. Fletchall Room and the William Lowe Bryan Room where amazing views of campus can be seen. These rooms offer large study tables, couches and a silent study spot to those looking for both a new perspective of the campus and on studying.

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