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Monday, March 4
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Upland Brewing Company to release new spring sours


Customers can pick up bottles of Upland Brewing Company's spring release of sours starting Wednesday. The sours — tart, acidic beers — are titled Pawpaw, Cavendish and Boysenberry.

"This is an exciting lineup," said Adam Howe, Upland's director of retail development, in a press release.

Cavendish is the result of a collaboration with German brewery Freigeist, according to the release.

Representatives from the brewery visited Upland last year when the brewers decided to collaborate on a beer that blends Upland's fruits with Freigeist's smoked malts. They ended up with a fruity, smoked beer.

The beer was fermented with 400 pounds of bananas and was then smoked on plum wood.

"The beer is approachably tart, with flavors of spice and fruit melding with light hints of banana and smoke," according to the release.

Upland's Boysenberry sour was born in 2017 when the brewery released a small-batch experimental brew. The beer was aged for six to eight months in oak barrels and resulted in a refreshing tartness, according to the release.

Pawpaw, one of Upland's most popular and highly reviewed sours, is made from the pawpaw fruit, which is indigenous to the Midwest and sometimes called the "Indiana banana," according to the release.

Upland gets its pawpaw fruits from a grower in Terre Haute, Indiana before adding it to their six- to eight-month aged blonde sour base and then aging the mixture for another three months.

"Aromas of banana and mango are accompanied by tart and floral notes," according to the release. "Flavor is slightly sweet with tangy banana and tropical fruits that envelope the palate."

Christine Fernando

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