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Tuesday, Feb. 27
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Cicada Cinema to screen mystery movie


Local pop-up cinema collective Cicada Cinema is set to screen its monthly movie at 8 p.m. April 14 at Hairstream Studio.

The twist? The film to be screened is a surprise.

Josh Brewer, one of Cicada Cinema’s founders, said he would encourage skeptical viewers to give the surprise screening a chance.

He said it would be a nice change from previous screenings.

“I would say with this one, even more than the others, the atmosphere should be really fun,” he said. “And when have you seen a movie in a hair salon?”

Tickets to the screening cost $6 and are available online or in person at Hairstream, which is located at 800 S. College Ave.

In the spirit of showmanship, Brewer said tickets to the screening are designed to look like haircut appointment cards.

He said the screening venue was a nice tie-in to the surprise film.

Nile Arena, one of Cicada’s founders, gave another hint: the film bears a connection to a recent IU Cinema guest lecturer, Victoria Price.

Price spoke to IU Cinema patrons in March about the legacy of her father, iconic horror actor Vincent Price.

In addition to providing a thematic tie-in with the movie, the hair salon also provides a new and interesting venue for the Cicada Cinema crew to explore, Arena said.

“It’s kind of our mission to screen movies in places you wouldn’t ordinarily think to see them,” he said.

He said the location complemented the fun of watching a movie.

“Part of what’s fun for me is kind of the theatricality of the presentation,” Arena said. 

He assured potential skeptics that, while the idea might sound gimmicky, he thought there was value in it.

“It could be seen as, you know, not the ideal place for a movie,” he said. “But I think what it also does is kind of remind you that the movies aren’t stuck to being in a specific place with specific people.” 

The salon’s size also affects the number of people who can attend, Brewer added. He said he thought a smaller crowd might make for an interesting experience.

As far as the identity of the surprise movie, Arena said it would be a hit among viewers fond of 1990's nostalgia.

“I would say if you are a '90s kid or if you have nostalgia for the '90s or if you’re a fan of some cast members of ‘Stranger Things,’ you may wanna come out,” he said.

It is a movie that bridges a lot of genres, Arena added.

“There’s a lot of comedy in it,” he said. “There’s some kind of fantasy elements. The design is beautiful.”

Arena said the film was a favorite of his, and a favorite of the salon’s owner. But Brewer said he had a different experience with the film.

“It’s a movie that scared me as a kid, and I have never seen it since,” he said, chuckling.

But it is not a genuine horror film. 

It is a family favorite and a cult classic, he assured.

Arena said the movie has a lot to offer.

“There’s something for just about everybody in this one,” he said. “Especially if you enjoy something a little bit more peculiar.”

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