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Weekly Takes

Each week, the Editorial Board meets to discuss our opinions. These are a few of the opinions for this week. 

Josh Hoffer: Large lawns and unused rooftop spaces should instead be used for solar power or community produce gardens. 

Neeta Patwari: I really wish there was a normal way to say I love true crime without people thinking I'm weird. 

Emma Getz: Unpaid internships prioritize rich students and hurt those who can’t afford to work for free.

Madelyn Powers: Nobody understands the value that art has, and they don’t want to pay for what it’s worth. Art should not be worth more when an artist sided.

Maddy Klein: Nostalgia will get people to buy pretty much anything. 

Miranda Garbaciak: It’s never bad for boys to wear jeans. They always look good.

Ethan Smith: If the Jacobs School of Music is so highly regarded, then it should implement more non-western styles of music into its curricula.

Matthew Waterman: Any parents who didn't use the fact that Easter was on April Fool'sDay to send their children on a hunt for eggs that weren't there are really not on top of their game.

Anne Anderson: More people would consider IU to be a winning athletic school if they remembered we have women’s teams.

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