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IU books cover community and local history


Students exit campus as the sun begins to set on Indiana University's Sample Gates. There have been several books written about IU, including “My First IU Words Go Hoosiers” by Connie McNamara. Andrew Williams Buy Photos

This story originally ran as a column on Jan. 12, 2018.

Want to learn about haunted Hoosiers and IU history? The University has had some amazing stories written about its people, buildings and sports. These books are easily accessible online and in bookstores, especially those at IU. 

Days of Knight

If sports stories gain your interest, check out “Days of Knight: How the General Changed my Life,” by Kirk Haston. This basketball book is written by a former IU student who played under the notorious coach, Bob Knight.

Knight coached at IU from 1971 to 2000. He can be attributed for putting IU on the basketball map. The story of his coaching style and the lives of his players are told in “Days of Knight” through the eyes of someone who would know best, an athlete.

The Knight legacy may be officially over at IU today, but the memory of basketball glory days lives on. Students who are interested in learning more about IU’s history and sports legacy should stick their noses in this great IU book. 

Haunted Hoosier Halls

Another book about IU is “Haunted Hoosier Halls” by Kat Klockow. This book would be well-suited for a Halloween read, but contains interesting IU anecdotes for any time of year. 

Klockow's book describes IU hauntings such as the Girl in Yellow, who lives in Read Residence Hall, and the shadow dog that growls at the entrances of Indiana Memorial Union. 

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, “Haunted Hoosier Halls” will make you take a second look as you walk through campus. 

Campus Canines

If you aren’t in the mood for a longer book and you need some quick, adorable entertainment, browse through “Campus Canines” published by IU Press. The dogs featured in this book are photographed around campus' most popular locations. IU dog fans will find this book to be a cuteness overload in 150 pictures. 

My First IU Words Go Hoosiers

Hoosier-themed books are for all ages, including children. “My First IU Words Go Hoosiers” by Connie McNamara is a children’s book for the dedicated IU fan. 

Many IU students could tell a story of receiving their first cream and crimson T-shirt as a child. However, receiving an IU words and phrases book is not something every student can boast. Remembering this book the next time there is a family birthday or baby shower will be sure to impress. 

No matter what the area of interest, writers are fascinated by the happenings at IU. Learning more about our campus and history is a great way to start a fresh semester. There is an endless amount of information out there, and it is entertaining.

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