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Three quick ways to keep your pipes from freezing


Allowing a faucet to drip slightly can prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. Doing so relieves pressure from the pipes.  Emily Eckelbarger Buy Photos

As temperatures in Bloomington drop, pipes become more susceptible to freezing. Here are three quick tips to help prevent freezing, according to a City of Bloomington press release.

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Turn the faucets on

In cold weather, turn your faucets to a steady drip to keep water flowing. Even though this may add to your water bill, it can be less expensive than fixing broken pipes, meters and other property damage.

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Open the cabinets

By opening cabinets under sinks, warm air is able to hit the plumbing and keep pipes from freezing up. 

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Heat your house

Just as turning the heat on keeps you and your housemates warm, turning the heat up can help warm up the plumbing in your house. Insulate other pipes in unheated areas of the house. 

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