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Ho, ho, no to the Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino


The Christmas Tree frappuccino recently came out at Starbucks. The drink consists of mocha and peppermint, matcha-infused whipped cream, a caramel drizzle, candied cranberries and a strawberry topper. Adele Poudrier Buy Photos

As the winter season comes around and the temperature begins to drop, people often head to Starbucks for holiday cheer.

Starbucks has a track record of cashing in on seasons and holidays. The Zombie Frappuccino was its abysmal failure for Halloween. For Christmas, Starbucks unveiled the Christmas Tree Frappuccino.

Before we discuss the mediocre taste of this holiday special, we first want to voice our disappointment that Starbucks went with the Frappuccino again. 

They’ve done a Unicorn Frappuccino and a Zombie Frappuccino, but for the season of puffy coats and gloves we were hoping for a warm specialty drink, besides the usual peppermint mocha. 

This Frappuccino did not give us a warm holiday feeling, but rather a bland peppermint mocha brain freeze. If you like Andes Chocolate Mints perhaps you’ll like this drink. However, the other flavors make the taste a bit overwhelming. The ice-blended drink is topped off with matcha whipped cream, caramel drizzle, a dried cranberry sprinkle and a dried strawberry, all in an attempt to create something that looked like a Christmas tree. 

While we admire Starbucks's dedication to aesthetic, we wish they would’ve focused more on taste. Sadly, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino is another specialty miss in our book. 

Adele Poudrier and Clark Gudas

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