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2017's best dressed list isn't about fashion at all


As December rolls around, it’s time to take a step back and reflect on all that fashion has given us this past year.

But actually — what am I saying? Truth be told, I hate best-dressed lists, mostly because they mention a bunch of famous people wearing weird things you never knew they wore in the first place.

So rather than pretending we know or even care about what Cosmo says about its list this year, let’s discuss what happened in 2017 fashion that actually mattered: Beyoncé, communism and a presidential court case, to name a few.

The Insta Shot Heard Round The World           

There’s surely some law of nature that explains when a journalist types “best dressed” and their next word autocorrects to “Beyoncé.” That being said, I don’t think anyone could have predicted Beyoncé’s best 2017 look would be a bra, underwear and veil in her pregnancy announcement. The photo has now become the most liked post on Instagram, proving that strong, black women really do run the world.

The End of an Era

Along with a few other fashion publications, Teen Vogue announced this year it would be shuttering its print edition, which means two things. First, middle school girls everywhere will have to find another publication they can cut and paste for their collages. Second, the young women who were inspired by the magazine’s recent focus on political and social activism will be without one of the few print publications written just for them.

Patagonia and the President

In a wonderful turn of events, Patagonia sued President Donald Trump this week for his plans to reduce two Utah national monuments. Of course, the retailer’s activism to protect the environment is a banner moment for the fashion industry. But to me, the best part of this fashion moment is all the confused fraternity boys who looked down at their Patagonia labels and had to decide where their true support would lie.

Celine Dion’s Revival

Whether you liked it or not, Celine Dion made her comeback this year, and all the fashion people went wild. Vogue dressed her up in thousands of dollars of couture. The New York Times style section wrote her a 2,000-word love letter. And I’m writing this. We love you, Celine.

Victoria’s Not-So-Secret Issue

Victoria’s Secret chose Shanghai as its fashion show destination this year. Sounds great and all, except for the fact that the Chinese government is a little stricter on models in angel wings. Weeks before the show, several of the invited angels were denied access to the country, including the show’s performer, Katy Perry.

Overall, 2017 fashion has certainly had its ups and downs, from the politics and the sad frat boys to the news that two mini-Beyoncés would soon be brought into the world. 

I can’t really say how much fashion has significantly affected the year as a whole, but it has sure been fun to dress well and pretend that it all mattered along the way.

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