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COLUMN: How to destress during finals

Five ways to reduce your stress this exam season

With finals week looming, many college students are beginning to experience an increased level of stress. Although next week is supposedly known as “dead week,” a week free of homework and projects so students can prepare for their finals, it is pretty much a myth. Self-care is important at any time of the year, but it is especially important during times of increased stress, so here are five ways to unwind during finals week this year.


Yoga is a great way to destress because it can bring about emotional stability and clarity of mind. The Student Recreational Sports Center offers free yoga classes with a student ID. There are a variety of classes offered, from Bro Flow Yoga, which despite the title, is for athletes of all genders, to Restorative Yoga, which focuses on recentering the mind and body. 

Set your phone to “do not disturb”

Phones are not just distracting in terms of studying, the amount of messages we receive daily can also be overwhelming on its own, especially for those who also have jobs. Setting your phone to do not disturb or simply turning it off can be a nice break if you are feeling exceptionally stressed. Your messages will be waiting for you after you take some time for yourself. 

Playing with pets 

Delilah’s Pet Shop is not only a family-owned and operated business of 28 years, it also welcomes students to stop in and play with the animals. Delilah’s has puppies and kittens available for adoption and is also available for just an afternoon of puppy kisses and kitten cuddling. Delilah’s Pet Shop is located at 650 N. College Ave. and is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Pick up a book

We know this option may seem rather absurd because there are plenty of textbooks you already have to study for finals, but picking up a new book may be better than hours of watching Netflix. We suggest reading a book just for fun to help take your mind off of your busy schedule for an hour or two. The chapter breaks make it a little easier to find a good stopping point once you are ready to dive back into studying.

Make your own stress ball 

Homemade crafts might not be your thing, but many people find them relaxing. Making your own stress ball can help you kill two birds with one stone: engaging in a relaxing activity and having something you can use to relax as a result. 

What you need

Three balloons

Rice or flour

A funnel



Stretch out your balloon. 

Choose your filling, rice or flour.

Stick a funnel into the neck of the balloon.

Slowly fill the balloon. 

Remove the funnel from the balloon and let out as much air as you can.

Tie the neck of the balloon closed tightly.

Snip off the excess rubber.

Grab your second balloon, and snip off the end.

Grab your last balloon, and snip the end, leaving enough to tie.

Tie the end, and squeeze your homemade stress ball until your hand hurts or you feel a little less overwhelmed. 

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