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COLUMN: Books are the perfect gift this holiday season


Tom Hanks' new book, “Uncommon Type: Some Stories," includes references to his obsession with typewriters. Columnist Audrey Lee also suggests "What Light," a love story by Jay Asher.   Tribune News Service Buy Photos

Welcome to chapter 16 of the book column. With Thanksgiving Break behind us, it is time to look ahead at the remainder of the holiday season. 

Books are great to give and receive for any holiday. They travel easy and can be bought almost anywhere. They're the perfect present for IU students who can shop at any of Bloomington’s amazing bookstores or the bookshop in the Indiana Memorial Union. 

Books are the perfect gift, so here are a few for your gift list this Christmas. 

At the top of your shopping list should be “What Light” by Jay Asher, the popular author of “13 Reasons Why.” “What Light” is a great read for the romantics and adult fiction fans on your Christmas list. I’ll admit, I️ finished this book in one day last year.

This book is a Christmas love story that tells the tale of a high school girl living two lives, one in Oregon and one in California. Readers will laugh and read on with interest as the main character navigates her constantly changing world. 

If you’re looking for a brand new release to give or receive this year, I️ recommend “One Station Away” by Olaf Olafsson.

This book will be released Dec. 5, telling the story of three women and how their lives are all connected by one man, Mangus. The three women are his mother, his lover and his patient. 

This book will likely be a great read for those interested in medicine and psychology. Mangus explores the depths of human consciousness through the voices of these three women.

Because the book isn't out, I️ haven't read it yet, but I️ know it will be included in my letter to Santa soon.

For the nonfiction and biography lovers on your list, pick up Tom Hanks' new book, “Uncommon Type: Some Stories."

The book is all about Hanks' little-known obsession with typewriters, of which he owns over a hundred. The book contains 17 different short stories and essays, exploring the lives of both an actor and an eccentric billionaire.

Hanks' book was released Oct. 17, so it's still new enough for someone on your list who hasn’t had a chance to make it to the bookstore yet. 

Other books to consider this holiday season are not traditional novels or nonfiction books. Adult coloring books have been a trend in pop culture for a few years because they are great for relaxation, and college students need all the relaxing they can get. 

Cookbooks could also be good gifts for college students, especially for those who have recently started living on their own and now cook for themselves. 

I️ love getting books as stocking stuffers during Christmas time, and even downloadable e-books are great choices. No matter which books make it on to your holiday list, make sure to thoroughly explore all your options.

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