How to make a rental feel like home


My favorite part of every school year is figuring out how I want to decorate my living space. Whether I’m living in the dorms, an apartment or a house, I spend a good deal of time decorating. 

The most important aspect of decorating to me is function and reusability. If a piece of furniture or type of decoration can be used more than one year in a row, then you can reason spending more money on it than if you were only using it for a year. My roommate spent $65 on a mattress pad for her bed, but she says it’s a great investment because it’s comfortable and reusable.

The next most important aspect is creating a theme for your space. While it is important to coordinate with your roommates, you also want a cozy, welcoming space for yourself. Try picking a solid color that is accented well by other colors or a fun pattern that you can pick colors out of for other parts of the room.

I asked junior Luis Garcia Amores, who studies interior design, how he recommended students decorate their space. He also suggested creating a theme, but reminded me that it is important to have a theme that you actually like, not that is just aesthetically pleasing. 

He also mentioned keeping decoration simple so nothing is overcrowded. While he has a point, I personally like to overcrowd my spaces with as much decoration as possible to have that personal touch. He also emphasized the importance of symmetry, organization and overall comfort.

Decorations can be quite pricey, so I suggest looking for unique pieces at resale shops, thrift stores or just creating your own decorations. If you’re an amateur crafter, Pinterest is still a great resource for designs, patterns and inspirations. 

There is no right way to decorate as long as you like the space you are occupying for the next school year. 

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