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Thursday, Feb. 22
The Indiana Daily Student


Strand of Oaks returns to Bloomington


Although the band Strand of Oaks is now based in Philadelphia, it will return to its Indiana roots Wednesday night. Originally from Goshen, Indiana, the band will perform at the Bishop Bar at 9:30 p.m. 

According to the Bishop’s website, Strand of Oaks is a solo rock project created by Tim Showalter. Showalter’s newest album, “Hard Love,” is a record that explores the balancing act between overindulgence and accountability, according to the venue’s website. 

The themes of the album include marriage troubles and near-death experiences of loved ones. “Hard Love” embodies the energy and experiences of the songwriter, emanating an unabashed, raw and manic ambiance, according to the Bishop's website. 

"For me, there are always two forces at work: the side that's constantly on the hunt for the perfect song, and the side that's naked in the desert screaming at the moon,” Showalter said on the Bishop’s website. “It's about finding a place where neither side is compromised, only elevated."

Showalter said in an email that the band has a psychedelic rock sound with folk influences. 

The band has performed in Bloomington several times, most recently in 2014, and Showalter said in an email that he is happy to return. Showalter said the crowd should expect a good time, to get off the net for a bit and sweat with some good people. 

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